Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Theater Is Pushing Wisconsin Right Out Of The Democrats’ Hands

One of the reasons Trump won in 2016 is that he flipped the rust belt from blue to red.

Over the last three years, instead of doing anything to try to win these states back, Democrats have focused on trying to reverse the 2016 election.

Now the 2020 election is less than a year away and Democrats have a serious problem with these states, especially Wisconsin.

Townhall reports:

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Antics Are Pushing This Key Battleground State Out of Reach for Democrats

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The core of the blue wall Democrats maintained since the 1980s. States that Republicans haven’t won in decades. Until 2016, the last time Wisconsin went Republican was 1984, with Pennsylvania and Michigan last going for the GOP in 1988.

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Trump tapped into the white working class, he had an agenda, and voters responded. The margin wasn’t massive, but it was big enough. Now, Democrats have to win these states back in order to beat Trump. And it’s no cakewalk. With Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, spearheading this shoddy and laughable impeachment push of Donald Trump, it’s making it that much harder for his party to retake these states.

Impeachment theater got 24/7 coverage. We heard the walls were closing in, only to have several polls showing support has dipped. In Wisconsin, a must-win state for Democrats in 2020, it’s even dipped a bit among Democrats.

Townhall points to this polling report from Marquette:

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Even as hearings that could lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment heat up, a new Marquette University Law School poll of Wisconsin registered voters finds consistent, if sometimes modest, shifts in public opinion away from support of impeachment and toward supporting Trump in next year’s presidential election

For example, Trump holds small leads over each of four top Democratic candidates for president in head-to-head matchups in the new survey, while three of the Democrats held small leads over Trump in the previous poll.

While the shifts in opinion on both impeachment and presidential preferences are not large, they are consistent across multiple questions in the poll. That includes increases in support for Trump’s work on foreign policy and the economy…

In the new poll, 40 percent of registered voters think that Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53 percent do not think so and 6 percent say that they do not know.

That is bad news for the Democrats:

Just remember they did this to themselves.


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