African-American Hill Staffer Defends Jeff Sessions: He Has NEVER Said Anything Racist

Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General is under attack from the left. They are trying desperately to brand him as a racist.

Now an African American Capitol Hill staffer who has been there for a long time is coming to Sessions’ defense.

PJ Media reports:

African-American Hill Staffer: In 20 Years, Sen. Sessions Hasn’t Said ‘Anything Offensive or Racist’

After President-elect Donald Trump named Senator Jeff Sessions as his pick for attorney general, liberals began brandishing their pitchforks and lighting their torches. As Trump’s inauguration approaches, they’ve amped up their assault on the character of Senator Sessions. Trotting out decades-old allegations, the left has attempted to brand the senator with the charge of racism. The senator’s camp, of course, hasn’t sat idle, and has directly confronted and answered the accusations.

The point man for Senator Jeff Sessions’ defense is William Smith. Currently Congressman Gary Palmer’s chief of staff, Smith previously worked for Sessions as the chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. In fact, William Smith was the first African-American to serve any member of the Senate Judiciary Committee as chief counsel.

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Smith has made the rounds on most of the major media outlets, and in an email statement he has responded to questions from PJ Media:

PJM: Throughout your two decades of working alongside Senator Jeff Sessions, have you witnessed racist actions and/or words from the senator?

Smith: I have known Senator Sessions for over 20 years and worked for him over ten. Not one time, throughout that entire experience, has he ever said anything offensive or racist. This was not a casual relationship. I’ve been in pressure situations with him for hours at a time, so certainly if he had any racial tendencies, I would have seen them.

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False accusations of racism are all the left has.

It’s the main tactic they used throughout Obama’s presidency and they’re still doing it.



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