After Attacking Dr. Ben Carson, Elizabeth Warren Backs Down – Will Support Him For HUD

During Dr. Ben Carson’s confirmation hearings, Senator Elizabeth Warren attacked him.

She peppered him with questions about how HUD could benefit Trump.

And she questioned Dr. Carson’s ability to handle that potential.

Then, she lamented his “inexperience in the field,” even though Dr. Carson has actually lived in public housing.

Here’s what Stuart Varney had to say when it happened:

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From the video:

Stuart Varney: “Step back a second. This is Senator Elizabeth Warren who was not truthful about her minority status when she got a job as a law professor. She owns a couple of very nice houses in Massachusetts. And she’s going after a genuine minority – Dr. Ben Carson – who has some experience of housing insecurity in his youth!”

He’s right. It’s ridiculous. 

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Today, we learned that Elizabeth Warren is backing down from her opposition to Dr. Carson.

The Hill reported: 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Tuesday she will support Ben Carson’s nomination for secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), changing her tune after a harsh confirmation hearing.

Warren lamented Carson’s ‘inexperience in the field,’ but said she would not stand in the way of his confirmation. The former Republican presidential candidate was advanced by the Senate Banking Committee earlier in the day and is expected to be confirmed by the upper chamber in the near future.”

Did she see the light? Did she see that having a man who lived in public housing in charge of HUD would be a good thing?

More likely: She didn’t see a political advantage from trying to block a man like Dr. Carson.

Even Elizabeth Warren can see that!


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