After Four Years Of CNN Smearing Trump, Jake Tapper Accuses Him Of Running A Sleazy Campaign (VIDEO)

So many people who work at CNN are such hypocrites and Jake Tapper is no exception.

Tapper and his network have spent four solid years smearing Trump as a fascist, a dictator, a racist, a xenophobe, an asset of Russia, and a traitor to America, yet Jake Tapper has the nerve to accuse Trump of running a sleazy campaign.

And why did Tapper say this? Because Trump brought up the Hunter Biden scandal at the final presidential debate.

As you’ll see in the video below, Tapper doesn’t seem very confident in Biden. He barely mentions him.

News Busters has details:

Jake Tapper: ‘MAGA Bubble’ Doesn’t Love Their Sons Like Biden Does

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Harkening back to a ridiculous tweet he posted late Wednesday night, CNN host Jake Tapper spit venom at what he called the “MAGA bubble” following Thursday’s debate by suggesting they didn’t love their sons nor cared for strangers as the Bidens did.

All of this, mind you, was done during the network’s post-debate analysis where he suggested the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a lie so “sleazy” and “heinous” that he wouldn’t speak about it beyond those terms.

Tapper teed up on Trump supporters after chief political correspondent Dana Bash recalled how Trump criticized Democratic nominee Joe Biden for what he suggested was false empathy for people suffering during the pandemic.

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“That’s interesting you say that, I agree, I think that does sum up the night, both Biden saying that and Trump’s response,” Tapper said as he got ready to lash out and flash his contempt for Trump supporters.

“He’s running the single most negative sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate,” Tapper whined. “The campaign, the Trump allies in the media and members of his family, and the Trump allied websites, and such are leveling with charges so heinous I’m not even going to say them.”

Watch the video below:

If Jake Tapper wants to see sleaze, he should examine the behavior of his own network over the last four years.

They’ve spent every day smearing the president and pushing the Russia collusion hoax.

Is an apology too much to ask for?


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