After Four Years Of Screaming ‘RUSSIA!’ Chuck Schumer Claims Democrats Will Fight Disinformation (VIDEO)

For the last four years, Democrats and their media allies have pushed the Russia collusion lie and every other false story about Trump they could dream up.

Now that Joe Biden is about to take office, Chuck Schumer is saying that Democrats will investigate and fight disinformation.

Someone needs to let Chuck know that he is four years too late.

Breitbart News reports:

Schumer: We’ll Investigate Role of ‘Disinformation’ in Riots and ‘Disparity in Force’ Between Capitol Riots, BLM Protests

“My fellow Americans: I speak to you in the midst of a period of great uncertainty and great unrest, but also one of hope and opportunity.

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As we prepare to fulfill one of Democracy’s oldest traditions – the peaceful transfer of power – we continue to reckon with the aftermath of a deadly attack on the Capitol last week, one of the darkest days in American history, a day that will live in infamy. The damage to our institutions, and to the Capitol itself, was despicable. The loss of life, including one Capitol Police officer, was needless and tragic.

And make no mistake: the rioters and domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6th will be brought to justice. And we in Congress will make sure that such a breach in security never happens again.

Soon the Senate will conduct a second impeachment trial for President Trump for inciting the violence on the Capitol last week. Donald Trump remains a threat to our democracy and will be held accountable for what he’s done—whether or not he’s president during trial…

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The new Democratic Senate will also conduct a rigorous investigation of the events that led to the tragedy of January 6th, including the role of white supremacy, disinformation, and the gross disparity in force between the Trump administration’s response to the Capitol rioters and the administration’s response to the racial justice protesters last summer.

Watch the video below, if you can stomach it:

The Democrats are such hypocrites.

They think no one remembers anything that has happened over the last four years.


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