AG Barr Warns Of The Dangers Of Vote By Mail: Very Open To Fraud And Coercion

Attorney General William Barr gave a fiery interview to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer exposing the dangers of Mail-In voting which is being pushed hard by Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 Election.

One of the most eye-opening parts of the interview came at the end of the clip above.

Attorney General Barr: “This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here and if people have to have confidence in the results of the election and the legitimacy of the election, and the people trying to change the rules to this methodology, which as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion is very reckless and dangerous and the people are playing with fire” 

Attorney General Barr is right to warn Americans about this type of election meddling. Just a few weeks ago we saw Hillary Clinton call on Joe Biden not to concede the election if it is close.

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton says Joe Biden should not concede on election night ‘under any circumstances’

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Hillary Clinton issued a warning for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a new interview released Tuesday, urging the former vice president to not concede defeat on the night of the Nov. 3 election — no matter the circumstances.

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances,” Clinton said. “Because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win, if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.”

Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee, lost the presidential election four years ago to President Trump. An aggregate of polls by RealClearPolitics shows Biden leading Trump, a Republican, by more than 7 percentage points nationally.

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But Clinton suggested the election will be “close,” accusing Republicans of trying to tamper with the results by “messing up absentee balloting” to secure a narrow advantage in the Electoral College.

“We’ve got to have a massive legal operation,” she said. “And I know the Biden campaign is working on that.”

Here is the video:

He also warned about China trying to interfere in the 2020 election to help Joe Biden.

AG Barr gave us this great moment of him laughing at Wolf Blitzer when he tries to claim CNN is “fair and balanced”.


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