Ahmed The Clock Boy Returns to Texas And Files Civil Rights Lawsuit

Ahmed pic

He’s baaaack. Ahmed the Clock Boy who was arrested for bringing a “science project” to school that anyone with a brain thought looked like a bomb, has returned to Texas and he suing.

Dallas News reports:

Irving Clock Boy’s father sues city, school district, principal for ‘blatant disregard’ of son’s civil rights

Nearly a year after Irving police arrested and interrogated him for bringing a homemade clock to school, Ahmed Mohamed said Monday that he still feels burning anger directed toward him. And it hurts.

“I get a lot of hate. I got a lot of support in the beginning, but it’s the hate that sticks,” said Ahmed, 14. “I get death threats. What did I ever do to someone to get death threats?”

Irving’s so-called Clock Boy made his comments Monday in Dallas where he, his parents and their lawyers announced a federal lawsuit against the city of Irving, the Irving Independent School District and MacArthur High School principal Daniel Cummings.

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The Hutchison & Stoy law firm of Fort Worth is representing Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, in the suit, which seeks unspecified damages.

The suit alleges Ahmed’s civil rights were violated last September after Irving police mistook his clock for a bomb.

“Despite the fact that they knew it wasn’t a bomb, that he never threatened anyone, that he never said it was a bomb, that he never alarmed anyone,” said co-plaintiff attorney, Susan Hutchison. “Despite all of those things, they yanked him out of his chair, put him in handcuffs and arrested him. There was no cause for arrest.”

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Could this lawsuit have been the end goal all along?

We’ll see if it goes anywhere.


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