Al Gore Compares Fighting Climate Change To America’s Civil War – ‘End Of Civilization’

Al Gore is at it again. He has apparently taken some time off from flying around the world in his private jet to lecture everyone about climate change once more.

The Daily Caller reports:


Former Vice President Al Gore likened the “ecological crisis” of climate change to the American Civil War but said this time the stakes are even higher, with the “end of civilization” looming on the horizon.

“What is going on in the public square right now is more important than any time since the Civil War,” Gore told an audience of 2,000 supporters.

“We are facing an ecological crisis that can bring about the end of civilization,” Gore said Thursday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Gore suggested the United States and the world was “crossing an important political tipping point right now.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate is the special guest at Atlanta’s Climate Reality Project that has been organized by local church leaders. Gore was joined by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who said the environment is like “a girl you’re in love with who just got engaged to someone else. The situation is dire but there’s still time.”

Gore also recently appeared on CNN and called Trump the global face of climate denial. Classy.

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Gore also supports the insane Green New Deal and thinks a majority of the American people do too.

Breitbart reports:

Al Gore: ‘General Notion’ of Green New Deal Has ‘Huge Majority Support’

Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” former Vice President Al Gore said the “general notion” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey’s (D-MA) so-called Green New Deal has “huge majority support.”

Gore said, “I think it’s an inspirational goal that makes it possible for large majorities to come together in a common demand that the U.S. change its approach.”

He continued, “I’ll tell you what it reminds me of, years ago when I was working on the issue of nuclear arms control, there was a movement called the Nuclear Freeze Movement, and it was criticized as being naive, and experts said that it had elements that were unrealistic.

Al Gore loves climate change for one reason. It’s been great for his bank account.


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