Al Gore’s Daughter Arrested While Protesting Natural Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts

Gore Daughter

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the case of Al Gore’s daughter, they’re right. She was recently arrested during a protest of a natural gas pipeline in Massachusetts.

Western Journalism reported:

Al Gore’s Daughter Arrested In Climate Change Protest

A daughter of former Vice President Al Gore was arrested on Wednesday, along with 22 other people, while protesting the construction of a natural gas pipeline in Massachusetts.

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The arrests happened at Spectra Energy’s West Roxbury Lateral pipeline, near Boston.

Karenna Gore laid down inside a trench dug for the pipeline and refused to move. Firefighters eventually removed her and other protesters from the trenches.

Noted climate change activist Tim DeChristopher said at the protest site, “We can no longer pretend like what Spectra is doing here in West Roxbury is anything other than digging a mass grave.”

Gore faces resisting arrest charges is due to be arraigned in court on Friday.

Natural gas is a form of clean energy so this situation proves two things:

1. The left is clueless.

2. This isn’t really about the environment, it’s about control.



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