Alan Dershowitz: Maybe Robert Mueller Should Be Investigated

Alan Dershowitz has been one of Trump’s greatest defenders in the Mueller investigation. Not because he is a Trump supporter but because he sees the Mueller debacle for what it is. Part witch hunt and part clown show.

Now he is suggesting it is Mueller who should be investigated.

He writes at the Washington Examiner:

Maybe Mueller should be investigated

Many traditional civil libertarians have allowed their strong anti-Trump sentiments to erase their long-standing commitment to neutral civil liberties. They are now so desperate to get President Trump that they are prepared to compromise the most basic due process rights. They forget the lesson of history that such compromises made against one’s enemy are often used as precedents against one’s friends…

But these “Get Trump At Any Cost” partisans have rejected my call for an investigation, out of fear that it may turn up information that might tarnish the image of the special counsel who is investigating Trump. Instead they criticize those of us who point out Mueller was “at the center” of the Justice Department and FBI while this miscarriage of justice occurred. All civil libertarians should want the truth about this sordid episode, and Mueller’s possible role in it, regardless of its impact, if any, on the Trump investigation. Mueller should welcome an objective investigation, which might eliminate any doubt about his role in this travesty. But too many former civil libertarians are prepared to sacrifice civil liberties and the quest for truth on the altar of “Get Trump.”

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Hats off to Professor Dershowitz. We think this is an excellent idea.


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