Alan Dershowitz Slams January 6th Criminal Referral Against Trump As ‘Unconstitutional’

Alan Dershowitz is not a conservative, but he is one of the most prominent law professors in the country.

He is slamming the January 6th Committee’s criminal referral of Trump as unconstitutional, and as usual, he makes a great case.

This is not the first time that Dershowitz has come to Trump’s defense.

Townhall reports:

Liberal Constitutional Attorney Alan Dershowitz: Jan 6. Criminal Referral Is ‘Unconstitutional’

Alan Dershowitz has often been a source of providing the voice of reason on constitutional matters, even and especially among liberals. While he himself is a Democrat, Dershowitz has defended former President Donald Trump, including during his impeachment trial.

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In light of the four criminal referrals that the January 6 select committee is issuing against former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Dershowitz is once more defending the former and potentially future president.

On Tuesday, the day after the referrals were announced, Dershowitz penned an op-ed for Newsweek, “The Jan. 6 Committee’s Referral Is Unconstitutional.”

From Newsweek:

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The Jan. 6 Committee’s Referral Is Unconstitutional

The Jan. 6 Committee has voted to refer former President Donald Trump to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution. This referral violates both the letter and spirit of the Constitution for at least two reasons.

First, Article 1 of the Constitution grants Congress “all legislative powers” and only “legislative powers.” Under our system of separation of powers, the power to prosecute lies exclusively with the executive branch through the justice department. Congress has no authority to refer specific individuals for prosecution. It is beyond the scope of its constitutional authority.

Second, Congress is specifically denied the power to pass any “bill of attainder.”

Prior to America’s independence, the British parliament enacted such bills that prosecuted named individuals. Our Constitution prohibited Congress from prosecuting named individuals. The power of Congress is limited to passing laws of general application that can be applied to specific individuals only by the justice department and a grand jury. A congressional committee officially voting to refer a named individual for prosecution violates the spirit of the explicit prohibition against congressional bills of attainder.

Of course, Democrats don’t care about any of this.

They are simply obsessed with the idea of preventing Trump from ever running again.


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