AMAZING! Time-Lapse Shows ENORMOUS LINE To See Trump In PA (VIDEO)


In Manheim, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump spoke to another massive crowd. He called out Hillary’s lies. He called out Hillary’s disparagement of Bernie supporters. But most of all, Trump called out the dishonest media.

Breitbart reported: 

Trump later bashed the media as “dishonest as hell” when calling on the reporters at his event to “turn your cameras” to show the crowd that came to see him.

“If they showed the kind of crowds we have—which people can hear, you know it’s interesting: you can hear the crowd when you hear the television but if they showed the crowd it would be better television, but they don’t know much about that. But it would actually be better television,” Trump said.

Well, here it is. To give you an idea of the scale, here’s the line of people waiting to see Trump. It’s at time-lapse speed via Jacob Rascon:

Trump has wonderful support in Pennsylvania. Homegrown support. Not ginned up support. Support from good people.

People like this 11 year-old who made a t-shirt with the TRUMP name on it:

Tenacious. Resilient. Understanding. Magnificent.


Trump couldn’t say it better himself!

Here’s the whole speech in Manheim:

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