American Sheriffs Are Pushing ‘Gun Sanctuaries’ Imitating Liberals On Sanctuary Cities

The decision by some liberal cities to ignore immigration laws and set up sanctuary cities is now causing a similar thing to happen among gun owners. Why should they have to follow laws they don’t like if liberals don’t?

Reuters reports:

Defiant U.S. sheriffs push gun sanctuaries, imitating liberals on immigration

A rapidly growing number of counties in at least four states are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, refusing to enforce gun-control laws that they consider to be infringements on the U.S. constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Organizers of the pro-gun sanctuaries admit they took the idea from liberals who have created immigration sanctuaries across the United States where local officials defy the Trump administration’s efforts to enforce tougher immigration laws.

Now local conservatives are rebelling against majority Democratic rule in the states. Elected sheriffs and county commissioners say they might allow some people deemed to be threats under “red flag” laws to keep their firearms. In states where the legal age for gun ownership is raised to 21, authorities in some jurisdictions could refuse to confiscate guns from 18- to 20-year-olds.

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Democrats took control of state governments or widened leads in legislative chambers last November, then followed through on promises to enact gun control in response to an epidemic of mass shootings in public spaces, religious sites and schools…

Support for Second Amendment sanctuaries has gained momentum in recent weeks, especially among county boards in New Mexico and Illinois.

There’s a reason why this is happening now. With Democrats in control of the House, they are getting ready to push more gun control.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

Democrats are just getting started on their gun control wish list

Democrats on Wednesday are poised to pass the first significant gun control measures in decades through the House after pledging to take action during the 2018 election.

The effort will hit a roadblock in the Republican-led Senate, but House Democrats are touting the legislation as the first of many measures they will consider to curb the growing problem of gun violence.

“We’ve got a ton of things identified,” said Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., who heads a House task force on gun violence established by Democrats.

The panel is examining conceal-carry reciprocity laws, “red flag” laws targeting gun owners who are deemed a safety risk, and laws to protect children from accessing guns, Democrats said.

“Background checks are just one way to deter the expansive culture that we are living in,” said Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., a member of the gun violence task force.

What will liberals say when responsible gun owners just refuse to obey their laws?


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