ANALYST: Democrats Are Trying To Stall The Kavanaugh Confirmation To After The Midterms (VIDEO)

Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon appeared on Special Report last night and made an excellent point. When the subject of Brett Kavanaugh came up and the tactics Democrats have been using recently, he suggested that this is all about Democrats trying to put off the confirmation because they’re hoping they’ll be abke to stop it by taking the Senate.

That is spot on.

Here are more details from the Beacon:

Continetti: Democrats Want to Delay Kavanaugh Vote Until After Election

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti said Thursday that Senate Democrats have a strategy to delay a vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh until after the 2018 midterm elections.

“I think the Democrats’ strategy has been clear since day one when they began interrupting the hearings,” Continetti said on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

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“They [Senate Democrats] want to delay the vote,” he continued. “They want to delay this nomination, hopefully past, from their point of view, past the election, and then if the Democrats have a good election, then they can say, ‘Well, look, we delayed him to this point, we just won the election, we shouldn’t seat him at all.’ This has been the strategy from day one.”

Watch the video:

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Nailed it.


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