Andrea Mitchell Brings On Possible Joe Biden VP To Spin His Outrageous African American Remarks (VIDEO)

This week, Joe Biden outdid himself on gaffes when he made some outrageous remarks about African Americans.

Naturally, liberals in media bent over backwards to find a way to spin it or excuse it away.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, brought on Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is on Biden’s possible VP list, to spin the story.

News Busters reports:

Apologist Andrea Mitchell Tees Up Possible Biden VP to Dismiss His Racial Remarks

On Friday, MSNBC continued dismissing Joe Biden’s racial controversies before they can damage him. On her noon ET hour show, the Democratic Party’s favorite “news” anchor Andrea Mitchell interviewed Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and treated the possible Biden vice presidential contender to a softball question about the presumptive Democratic nominee’s offensive remarks:

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The former vice president did try today to clarify a statement. He got a lot of backlash yesterday when he was saying that the Latino community is “diverse,” quote, “unlike the African-American community.” He tried to say that he did not mean to suggest that the African-American community is a monolith. But is this a problem, the way he was articulating this?

This is how Bottoms responded:

Well, I believe what he was trying to articulate was just in terms of voting patterns. But I know he doesn’t believe we are a monolith, because I’ve had these conversations with the vice president directly, and we’ve talked about the growing importance and voice of the Progressive wing of the party, fueled in large part by younger African-Americans. I do think obviously that it perhaps could have been expressed better. But I know his heart, and I know the conversations that I have had with him directly, and what he’s expressed to me about his appreciation about diversity within the African-American community.

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See the video below:

It must be great to be a Democrat.

You can say things that would get anyone else canceled instantly, and the media will cover for you.


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