Oh, my!

Trump has forced the Liberals at MSNBC to finally acknowledge some truth.

Andrea Mitchell commented on the media’s relationship with Trump after the election.

She acknowledged a truth, finally: “We are not held in great regard.”

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And then she tried to blame Trump for taking advantage of the failing media.


From the video:

Andrea Mitchell: “And I want to talk about the media for a moment. We are not held in great regard. We weren’t before this campaign. And having gotten it all wrong. All the conventional media and the polling and all that. I think there is a real sense of Donald Trump taking advantage of that.”

Mitchell knows the American people don’t trust the media. She knows they were wrong. She knows they are failing.

But she doesn’t understand why!

And she blames Trump for taking advantage of it . . . You can’t make this stuff up!

H/T RealClearPolitics

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