Andrew Cuomo Issues Christmas Pardons For Illegal Aliens And Murderers

Democrats and their pals in media have been in a huff for the last two weeks about the pardons issued by President Trump.

Meanwhile, they are completely ignoring the pardons issued by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It must be nice to be a Democrat. You can do pretty much anything.

Hot Air has details on Cuomo’s pardons:

Ho, Ho, Ho. NY Governor Gives Christmas Pardons, Commutations To Illegal Aliens, Murderers

Hopefully, you all got what you wanted from Santa this year. But even if you didn’t, you can take some comfort that there are 21 people in New York State who certainly did. Their presents weren’t dropped off by a jolly old elf coming down their chimney, however. Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to play Santa on Christmas eve and handed out nearly two dozen pardons and sentence commutations. He put the announcement on the official New York Governor’s website, along with explanations of each person’s crimes and what impact these gifts would have on them.

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Let’s start with the pardons. There were fourteen of them in total, and they all had something in common. I’ll post the first couple of them here and we’ll see if you can figure out the common thread.

Kaydian McKenzie, 43, was convicted of Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree and Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree in 2001 and 2002. Ms. McKenzie has been crime free for 18 years, is a registered nurse, and has worked at a nursing home in New York State throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis. In addition to her role as a frontline worker, Ms. McKenzie is the mother of three U.S. citizen and is active in her local church, where she has volunteered with a program that delivers food to older New Yorkers who are living alone. A pardon will help Ms. McKenzie remain in the United States with her family.

Rosario Pena, 61, was convicted of Petit Larceny and Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree in 1981 and 1986. Ms. Pena was forced to commit these crimes by sex traffickers to whom she fell victim. After a childhood marred by abuse, homelessness and years of victimization by traffickers, Ms. Pena has now been crime free for 34 years. A pardon will allow Ms. Pena to remain in the United States, where she has lived for more than 50 years.

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…if you look at the final sentence of each of the fourteen paragraphs you will find the same phrase. “Help (or “allow“) him/her to remain in the United States…”

The report goes on to offer examples of people who are in jail for violent crimes like murder.

Where’s the outrage over that?


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