Andrew Cuomo Now Begging Businesses To Return To New York City After Shutdowns And Riots

Over the last year, thousands of businesses have fled from New York, and took their precious tax dollars with them.

Not just because of the pandemic and the shutdowns, but because leaders like Andrew Cuomo made it clear that they would not protect them from rioting mobs of left wing radicals bent on theft and destruction.

Now Andrew Cuomo desperately wants them to come back, but why would they?

Cuomo is even begging the businesses that stayed to return to working in person rather than remotely, because the city needs the associated revenue.

FOX Business reports:

Cuomo begs businesses to return to NYC after devastating shutdown

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for companies to end remote work and bring staff back to the office by Labor Day in order to support local businesses, or New York City will suffer.

In a virtual meeting with the Association for a Better New York, Cuomo said that while remote work, like remote schooling, was OK in the short term, people need to return to being in person.

“Remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume. If you were to see a 15% decline of people coming back to New York City, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market,” Cuomo said.

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“We need people coming back,” he reiterated later on. “Say to your workforce, ‘By Labor Day, everyone is back in the office.’”

“We need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops, the services,” Cuomo continued. “It’s not just about your business. It’s about all the spinoff effect economic activity that your workers bring to the surrounding community.”

This comes almost eight months after Cuomo faced criticism for shutting down indoor dining in New York City in December after they had previously reopened at limited capacity.

At the same time, Cuomo wants business owners to require vaccinations. That should go over well.

Cuomo deserves to be investigated over his nursing home deaths scandal before anything else happens.


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