Andy McCarthy: Obama’s Goal Was To Make Trump A One Term President

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy has been a leading voice on unraveling the Russia hoax and identifying the people pulling the levers of power.

During a recent interview, he broke down what he sees as the main goal of the whole operation.

Obama wanted to make sure that Trump only served one term.

FOX News reports:

Andrew McCarthy: Making Trump a ‘one-term’ president was Obama’s goal

Former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy explained why he believes that the Justice Department’s now-dropped prosecution of General Michael Flynn was part of a larger strategy to “hamstring” President Trump and make him a “one-term president.”

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“People in the FBI, the people in the bureaucracy, the people in the Obama administration never thought that Donald Trump would win the election in November… Once Trump won — the problem that they had was manifold,” said McCarthy, in a wide-ranging conversation on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” on Monday.

“In 10 weeks, he was going to be sworn-in as president, which meant that at that point he would have access to all of the intelligence files of the government,” McCarthy continued, arguing that Trump’s critics then had two main goals.

One, they sought to prevent Trump from learning about “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI code name for the counterintelligence operation launched in July 2016 to investigate Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Two, they wanted to impede his administration.

“The other thing was they hoped to keep his administration as hamstrung and as short as possible,” said McCarthy. “If they could impeach him, they would impeach him. But certainly, they wanted to make him a one-term president.”

McCarthy has been on point about so much of this.

So much more is eventually going to come out about all of this.



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