Angela Merkel Acknowledges No-Go Zones In Germany The Liberal Media Says Don’t Exist

Some of the countries which have taken in large numbers of refugees from Muslim countries now have no-go zones. They are areas that police and fire departments won’t visit because they are afraid of being attacked. The liberal media has repeatedly tried to “debunk” this as a myth.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel just talked about them. Do they exist now?

News Busters reports:

Merkel Acknowledges German No-Go Zones; Longtime U.S. Media Deniers Hardest Hit

Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recognized that Germany has “no-go areas” — places where police and public safety personnel cannot visit without risking serious physical harm. A short Associated Press item on her statement described “German officials” as “speechless.” It appears that the wire service’s Berlin reporter shared that assessment, and may even have believed that Merkel had fabricated her claim.

The AP reporter then cited two spokespersons, one for the chancellor and another for the nation’s Interior Ministry, who “declined to identify no-go areas.” Apparently that keeps hope alive for no-go zone deniers.

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Merkel’s admission finally acknowledges that large portions of the nation’s migrant and previous immigrant populations have no intention of assimilating into German customs or adopting democratic values.

The “speechless” response among “German officials” is occurring only because Merkel dared to speak a truth that recognized by German law enforcement personnel for at least six years, and in other EU countries for longer than that…

If the liberal media reports any of this, how will they do it with a straight face?


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