Ann Coulter: People I’ve Never Heard of Are Now On TV Just So They Can Bash Trump (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter screenshot

Ann Coulter is brutally going after the ‘Never Trump’ Republicans who are now actively working to get Hillary Clinton elected, by joking that the media is recruiting anyone and everyone who will trash Donald Trump.

Here’s the video. Coulter’s comments about the media start at the 6:25 mark:

“The rewards in the media are there for anyone who wants to attack Trump,” Coulter said on Hannity. “People I have never heard of, never seen on TV before, and do not exactly have, you know, square-jawed good looks like Rick Wilson, let’s get this guy on TV.”

“They had to fire Melissa Harris Perry to get Rick Wilson a cot and his own spot every single show on MSNBC,” Coulter said. “I mean suddenly you are being quoted all over. You become a star in today’s media culture because all of the elites want to stop Trump.”

It’s about time someone called out these propped-up ‘Never Trump’ people!


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