Ann Coulter to Hillary: What Percentage of Muslims Are ‘Deplorables?’

Ann Coulter screenshot

After Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” the GOP candidate’s biggest fans are now coming to his defense and setting Hillary straight.

Ann Coulter, who’s a strong Trump advocate, is now asking Hillary the same question that the former Secretary of State was asking of Trump.

Here is Ann’s latest via Breitbart:

It never occurs to a hack that someone else may have had the same idea. But as long as liberals are such perfect thermometers of deplorableness, could they tell us how many Muslims are “deplorable”— specifically, what percentage are “sexist” or “homophobic”?

For decades now, the most important job of anyone covering a presidential election is to unceasingly demand that the Republican candidate disavow David Duke. This laughably irrelevant man must be trotted out as a bogeyman to frighten NPR listeners. Instead of reporting news, journalists have become Official David Duke Disavowal Demanders.

The only way we find out that Duke is still alive is that Republicans are asked to denounce him every four years. For all we know, Duke died 20 years ago and the media are using a body double.

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Will Hillary ever be asked to “disavow” Al Sharpton, George Soros, Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick? These are people who have power and visibility even when it’s not an election year. In fact, the only time some of them are not in the public eye is during election years, when, for example, Al Sharpton is sent off to a safe house for six months. By contrast, the only time Duke is in the news is during election years.

When is the media going to ask Hillary this? We’ll wait…


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