Another Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory Promoted By The Media Just Fell Apart

This week, the media pushed a new anti-Trump conspiracy theory about White House phone logs being missing for several hours on January 6th.

All of the usual suspects in media pushed the story in print, on TV and on social media sites like Twitter.

One little problem, though. It was completely false. The story fell apart in less than a week.

From Yahoo News:

Official review found Jan. 6 White House phone records complete: report

An official review found that the White House phone records for Jan. 6, 2021, are complete, CNN reported Thursday, citing a source familiar with the matter, following reports earlier in the week that the call logs given to the House select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol had a gap of more than seven hours that day.

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The source told CNN that no pages were found to be missing from the six-page White House phone logs from Jan. 6.

The outlet also reported, citing multiple sources familiar, that the Jan. 6 phone records appear typical based on former President Trump’s habits. Trump often opted to have staff use landlines or cellphones to place calls for him while he was in the Oval Office, which would not be recorded in the White House switchboard records, sources told CNN.

Meanwhile, Axios reported on Thursday, citing three sources with knowledge on the matter, that Trump’s executive assistant, Molly Michael, was absent most of Jan. 6 for personal reasons. Michael’s duties included keeping notes on Trump’s unscheduled calls and meetings, per the outlet.

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The journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted the media over this on Twitter.

People in media just can’t help themselves.

They are so willing to believe the worst that they end up making fools out of themselves.


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