ANOTHER CNN FAIL: Uses False Abraham Lincoln Quote To Attack Trump

This week has been awful for CNN and it’s only Wednesday. As if the doxxing story wasn’t bad enough, they’ve now been caught pushing a false quote from Abraham Lincoln.

The Federalist has the story:

CNN Just Published A Fake Quote From Abraham Lincoln

CNN tweeted out quotes from notable Americans for the Fourth of July. Here was one of the quotes they tweeted from Abraham Lincoln:

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The quote, which is also displayed at the Newseum, was interpreted as yet another attack from the media giant against the president. The Independent ran a story about it headlined, “CNN taunts Trump on July 4 with Abraham Lincoln quote on facts: The post did not mention the President, but it was obvious who it was directed at.”

Critic and playwright Terry Teachout had a funny feeling about the quote. He asked Quote Investigator, the research operation headed by Garson O’Toole, to look into it: “This quote, though familiar, looks suspicious to me. Any thoughts?”

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Three hours later, Quote Investigator had found a quote with some similarities, and some differences, to the one being put out by CNN:

CNN/Newseum’s version: “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe.”

Report from contemporaneous individual: “Let them know the truth, and the country is safe.”

What is it going to take for CNN to get its act together?


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