Another George Soros Backed Candidate Just Won A District Attorney Primary

Far left billionaire George Soros is basically buying up district attorney races around the country and the media is ignoring it. None of this is happening by accident. Soros clearly has a plan which he is carrying out by doing this.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

George Soros Notches Another District Attorney Primary Victory

Yet another candidate for district attorney primarily financed by liberal billionaire George Soros has won a primary election—this time in Texas.

The Daily Caller notes that Joe Gonzales defeated incumbent Nico Lahood in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for district attorney in Bexar County, Texas. Bexar County, which includes the city of San Antonio, is one of the most populous counties in the United States.

Soros infused nearly $1 million into the race through the Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC, a super PAC established for the sole purpose of backing Gonzales. Gonzales will now face Republican Tylden Shaeffer, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor in the county, on Nov. 6.

Soros operates in the same manner in almost every city that he enters: The wealthy financier will set up a super PAC, deposit funds well above what others would raise for a district attorney’s race, back his candidate, refund himself any excess money at the conclusion of an election, and then dissolve the PAC.

Soros has already quietly funded a number of far-left district attorney candidates in a number of cities.

Remember all the times the left said they wanted dark money out of politics? They have apparently forgotten.

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