Antifa Thugs Harass Disabled Veteran In A Wheelchair (VIDEO)

A new video has surfaced which shows far left Antifa thugs harassing an American Veteran who is disabled and in a wheelchair. These people are vile and despicable human beings. They certainly aren’t going to win any supporters with this type of behavior. In fact, they belong behind bars.

Watch this:

It has gotten so bad that some anarchists are pleading with Antifa to stop making them look so bad.

The Daily Caller reported:

Anarchists Plead With Antifa: Please Stop Making Us Look Bad

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Anarchists on Reddit’s anarchism subreddit pleaded with Antifa Wednesday not to get into the habit of assaulting elderly disabled veterans, while protesting the rise of violent fascism.

A video posted to the anarchist subreddit Wednesday morning from April showing Antifa throwing water on a disabled vet has attracted internal criticism from the leftist community, with one user complaining about the act of petty violence and proclaiming, “We need to be able to confront the toxic elements in our own groups if we want to be able to confront the world’s scum.”…

One California cop who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation on background said purely from an analytical perspective there were at least two chargeable acts visible in the video, the first being theft and the second being battery.

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This type of behavior is not going to be tolerated by average Americans for much longer.

Antifa is on notice.


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