Antonio Sabato, Jr. SLAMS Liberal Celebrities: “They Got To Stop With This BULLYING” (VIDEO)

After Nicole Kidman was attacked for saying Americans should get behind Trump, other celebrities are coming to her defense.

Ben Stein said Hollywood has become a bunch of bullies.

And today, Antonio Sabato, Jr. talked about defending Nicole Kidman.

Watch (via Fox Business):

From the video:

Antonio Sabato, Jr.: “We’ve seen it with Nicole Kidman. She just spoke about backing up our President – Trump. And everyone saying: Well, you’re not going to work here. You’re not going to do this and that. That’s worse than socialism. That’s looking back to the Russians invading Europe, invading Czechoslovakia – That’s where my mother is from . . . I think it’s okay to protest, but enough is enough. President Trump is our next president, whether you like it or not, and they got to stop with this bullying.”

Good for him!

Zoe Saldana also used the word “bully” to describe her fellow celebrities.

It’s true: Liberals have become bullies.

And Hollywood Liberals are the worst bullies of all!

It’s time for everyone to stand up to the Hollywood Liberal bullies!

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