AOC’s ‘Justice Democrats’ Want To Defeat Another Incumbent Democrat

The ‘Justice Democrats’ is a far left political organization. They helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get elected as well as Ilhan Omar.

They are on a mission to take over the Democratic party by replacing moderates with far left progressives.

They have just picked their newest target.

Politico reports:

Engel’s New York seat becomes next Justice Democrats target

For years, Rep. Eliot Engel was best known outside his district for an annual ritual: He would camp out for hours to claim a prime aisle seat in the House chamber before the State of the Union speech and position himself for a televised handshake with the president, Republican or Democrat.

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Times have changed.

Engel abandoned the across-the-aisle routine after a 29-year streak, citing disgust over President Donald Trump. But his own Democratic Party began moving away from bipartisan gestures even before Trump was elected.

Engel, who represents the Bronx and Westchester County and is chairman of the influential House Foreign Affairs Committee, faces at least two primary challengers on his left who argue he is out of step with the increasingly progressive face of the party. They cite his more conservative stances on Israel, education and the Middle East as examples.

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While Engel is no stranger to primary challenges, his fight on the left follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset win last year against incumbent Joe Crowley — another powerful New York Democratic congressman who critics said had lost touch with his district.

The “AOC effect” appears to have had some staying power. Just last month political newcomer Tiffany Cabán delivered another blow to the Democratic establishment in Queens, appearing to have defeated party pick Melinda Katz in the Queens district attorney race.

Speaking of AOC, she just got blasted by the New York Post editorial board over her antics at the border.

From the New York Post:

Behind Ocasio-Cortez’s border-camp theater

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is horrified at what she’s seen on her visit to a holding facility for illegal immigrants — just a week after she voted against emergency funding to improve conditions at what she’d taken to calling “concentration camps.”

This after months when Democrats insisted that talk of a border crisis was just a Trump administration contrivance, and refused to even vote on its requests for funds.

AOC has a great gift for theater, as in her claim that detained women are forced to drink from toilets — which apparently refers to standard plumbing units for these facilities, which hold both a sink and toilet.

This was almost as inspired as her stunt last fall, getting photographed with tears while supposedly viewing kids held in cages — when a wider shot revealed that she was actually looking at an empty lot.

The way AOC has smeared the people who work on the border is disgusting.

They are hard working Americans dealing with an impossible situation.


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