Applicants To Volunteer Fellowship On Elizabeth Warren Campaign Call It A ‘Great Scam’

Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign offers a volunteer fellowship program for supporters who want to get involved in the process.

But some of the people who have gone through the program describe it as a scam, meant for getting people to do a lot of work for nothing in return.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren Campaign Fellowship Applicants: It Was a ‘Great Scam’

Applicants to a volunteer fellowship on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D., Mass) presidential campaign have called the program a “great scam,” claiming that operation exploits unpaid members of Warren’s team.

In a report from the Daily Beast, two young men who had applied to volunteer for Warren’s campaign complained that the Senator’s image of a trust-busting champion of worker’s rights against exploitative corporations does not match the way her own campaign is run.

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The applicants told the Daily Beast that they were pushed to take unpaid positions over paid ones, that they were deceived about the possibility of financial assistance and that they were asked to sign irregular nondisclosure agreements.

“What was sold to me was very different than it actually was,” said Jonathan Nendze, a rising senior at Seton Hall University. “It was kind of a great scam of getting people to show up and work in the capacity of volunteer, but to function as a paid intern in the amount of work they’re doing.”

Here’s more from the Daily Beast:

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Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a ‘Great Scam’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has built much of her political career as a champion of workers and consumers against the deceptive and exploitative practices of corporations and employers.

But as she navigates the latest chapter of that career arc—a run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency—the Massachusetts Democrat faces criticism from several of her own supporters who said the lowest tier of her campaign structure doesn’t match the image she projects.

Two early converts to Warren described the process for entry into her campaign’s volunteer fellowship program as deceptive and at times exploitative in interviews with The Daily Beast. They said they were pushed toward unpaid positions over paid ones, misled over the availability of financial assistance, and asked to sign highly restrictive nondisclosure agreements that worker advocacy groups concede are irregular. Both applicants verified their accounts with emails and text messages from the Warren campaign.

This is not a good look for a candidate who presents herself as a defender of working people.

Will it come up in the next debate?


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