Approval Of Trump’s Handling Of North Korea Skyrockets Among DEMOCRATS According To CNN Poll (VIDEO)

Trump’s handling of North Korea is getting high approval from the American people. Even many Democrats are happy about it, according to a new CNN poll.

It must have pained CNN to report this:

CNN Poll: Three-quarters approve of Trump’s plans to meet with Kim Jong Un

About three-quarters of Americans (77%) approve of President Donald Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Trump’s approval rating for handling the situation with North Korea has jumped 10 points since late March.

Overall, 53% approve of Trump’s handling of North Korea, and 35% disapprove. That represents the first time a majority has approved of his handling of the issue and is a near reversal from his low point on the topic in November, when just 35% approved not long after Kim accused Trump of “mentally deranged behavior” and Trump responded by tweeting that Kim was “obviously a madman.”

Approval of Trump’s decision to meet with Kim has climbed 15 points since a late March poll, not long after the decision for the two leaders to meet was announced. That number is bolstered by increases across party lines, including a 24-point rise in approval of that decision among Democrats (from 38% in March to 62% now), a 12-point rise from independents (from 67% to 79%) and a 10-point increase among the President’s partisans (from 82% to 92%).

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The Washington Examiner has more:

CNN political director David Chalian said Thursday the upward change in support for the president indicates he is “growing beyond his base.”

“A quarter of Democrats support and approve what he is doing on North Korea. A quarter of Democrats don’t ever support or approve ever of what Donald Trump is doing. So this is working broadly politically,” Chalian told CNN.

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Here’s a video of David Chalian reporting the news:

This is huge news. If Trump can persuade Democrats on this, he can win them over in other ways as well.


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