Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema May Ruin Chuck Schumer’s Plan To Get Rid Of The Filibuster

Chuck Schumer is saying that he is going to force a Senate vote on getting rid of the filibuster so that Democrats can vote in their federal elections takeover bill but it might not work out the way he wants.

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is saying that her mind has not changed on this issue.

Without her vote, Schumer is completely out of luck.

Red State reports:

Kyrsten Sinema Tells Chuck Schumer to Pound Sand and Leaves Democrats With Nowhere to Go

What exactly is Chuck Schumer doing? That’s the big question that’s emerged in light of his push to hold a vote on blowing up the filibuster. Ostensibly, he’s doing so in order to pass “voting rights” and save our “democracy” by having the federal government rig the 2022 election. But is that really his plan here?

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I ask that because it’s been obvious since his “dear colleagues” letter was released that he doesn’t have the votes. Last night, Joe Manchin said he’s not on board. Now, Kyrsten Sinema has weighed in, letting it be known that her position hasn’t changed. She’s still against any maneuver that would eliminate the 60-vote threshold to pass any type of legislation.

How inconvenient for Schumer.

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It looks like Joe Manchin is also a no on this.

This is great news. Democrats should not be allowed to get rid of the filibuster, or pass their ridiculous voting bill.


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