Arizona Deputy Sheriff Says Border Situation Already Getting Worse Under Biden: ‘Obama 2.0’

Well that didn’t take long.

Joe Biden has been president for barely two weeks and people who work at the border are already saying things are getting worse.

In Arizona, one deputy sheriff is describing the situation as Obama 2.0.

Townhall reports:

‘Obama 2.0’: AZ Chief Deputy Sheriff Explains the Border Is Starting to Get Worse With Biden In Office

“If he wants to see fresh tracks and footprints, these are hours old,” Lt. Chris Lapre told me and Pinal County Chief Deputy Sheriff Matthew Thomas through the thick brush right off of I-8. Thomas had just shown me the improvised waypoints smugglers from Mexico use on their trek north.

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Full black water jugs were in the brush not too far from where the fresh footprints were. The “resupply points” are well-hidden to drivers who are zipping by on the road and were filled with trash that was discarded by the border crossers.

“We missed them by a couple of hours,” Lapre said.

While Pinal County is not directly on the southwest border — it is about an hour and a half drive from Mexico— the local law enforcement officers are directly on the frontlines of the slowly emerging border crisis that has begun to take shape with President Joe Biden reversing key immigration policies set in place by former President Donald Trump.

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Even before Biden took office, Thomas said they started to notice an increase in foot traffic in the late fall of 2020 because the Mexican cartels knew the more “hands-off” approach Biden would take when dealing with the southwest border. The effect is what he’s calling “Obama 2.0” since they saw similar behavior under President Barack Obama’s administration.

On a related note, the CBP recently detained a group of men crossing the border who are from Iran.

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