Arizona’s Inability To Count Votes And Name A Winner Is Destroying America’s Faith In Our Elections

At the time of this writing, the state of Arizona is still counting votes from an election which happened two days ago.

This has to end.

The left has spent the last three years crying about threats to our democracy, yet the Democrats who currently control the levers of power in the state can’t even count votes.

The optics of it are terrible, and here they are. Whether or not cheating is going on, it looks like cheating is going on. It looks like Democrats are trying to delay the result until they get the result that they want.

People are tired of these shenanigans.

FOX News reports:

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Two days after midterms, slow Arizona vote count exasperates Twitter: ‘School children can count faster’

Conservative Twitter users slammed Arizona election officials for not having finished the state’s vote count.

Nearly two days after polls closed in Arizona’s midterm elections, there are still many votes left uncounted. As such, the state’s two major races – the gubernatorial contest between Republican Kari Lake and her Democratic opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs; and the Senate race between GOP nominee Blake Masters and Democrat Mark Kelly – have yet to be decided.

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A local Fox affiliate attributed much of the delay to the “sheer size” of Maricopa County, Arizona, the county where most of the outstanding votes exist. In addition, the station reported how late-arriving mail-in ballots as well as verification of those ballots have contributed to the slow vote counting process.

However, critics on Twitter insisted that Arizona election officials had no excuse for continuing to count this late, especially when massive states like Florida declared its election results only hours after the last polls closed.

Republican Kari Lake is still confident that she can win this race and is promising to fix this system if elected governor.

What is currently unfolding in Arizona looks like something out of a third world country.

The people in charge deserve to lose their jobs.


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