CNN’S CUOMO: Just Because Michael Brown Dealt Drugs “Doesn’t Make Him Drug Dealer” (VIDEO)

CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo said that just because Michael Brown dealt drugs doesn’t mean he was a ‘Drug Dealer.’

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“If taken on its face as purported in the documentary, it would go to the suggestion that Mike Brown wasn’t there to steal, he was there to do a transaction which may or may not have been legal,” Cuomo reported.

CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck responded that it all amounted to the same.

“It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway if it’s true,” he said.

“How?” asked Cuomo.

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Cuomo’s resistance to the idea seemed to take Houck aback.

“Well, Mr. Pollock basically said that he was giving marijuana to the [clerk] for cigarillos,” Houck said.

“That doesn’t make him a drug dealer,” Cuomo said, stressing the last word.

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“It’s a drug deal Chris, it’s a drug deal,” insisted the former NYPD detective. “It doesn’t matter how it’s done. If I give you drugs for something, that’s a drug deal, you go to jail.”

“Right, but that doesn’t make him a drug dealer,” Cuomo said, continuing the stress the last word.

Watch the video:

With Chris Cuomo’s logic, here are some updates to definitions:

Someone who kills is not a murder.

Someone who steals is not a thief.

Someone who lies is not a liar.

That’s the new CNN logic!


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