NYC Councilman: Ben Carson Hired Only Because He’s Black (VIDEO)

Leave it to the Democrats to show America that racism is still strong on their side of the aisle.

An NYC Councilman said that Ben Carson is not qualified for his position at HUD.

He claimed Ben Carson is only there because he is black.

The Daily Caller reported:

Williams was a guest on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Monday to respond to comments from California Rep. Maxine Waters, who vowed to go after Carson when he appears before her housing committee.

Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson asked Williams if he had ‘any evidence’ for calling Carson an ‘affirmative action hire, a quota hire.’

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‘There, for me, seemed no other reason for a man who was clearly unqualified, had no experience in housing at all, whatsoever, and when you have the word ‘urban’ in it, to put someone with some melanin in his skin … that was reason enough for me.’

Williams went further, saying that Carson was part of a white supremacist agenda because ‘people who believe in neo-Nazism, people who believe in [white] supremacy support those [Trump] agendas, support those ideologies, support those polices, and Ben Carson is part of those who support it.’

Carlson asked Williams if he knew what McCarthyism was, because ‘that was smearing people unfairly with the beliefs of those they had nothing in common with.’”

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Here’s the video:

How deeply offensive. 

Ben Carson ran a strong campaign during the Republican primary and is well-qualified to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Tucker did a great job using logic and reason to show this Liberal had no evidence for his offensive claims.


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