Schlichter: Campaign Against Statues An Attempt To Establish Secular Original Sin (VIDEO)

A well-known conservative columnist mocked liberals on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, highlighting what the left’s real goals are in trying to tear down statues and branding the political right as Nazis.

Senior Townhall columnist and author Kurt Schlichter told Carlson that during a recent break from politics he noticed that normal everyday people are not talking about the things the media is trying to propagate.

“I was with normals,” Schlichter joked. “These normal people are not talking about statues Tucker, not a word about statues, not a word about Nazis, not a word about any of that nonsense.”

Speaking about tragic events in Charlottesville, Schlichter noted the political goals he believes the left is trying to achieve in exploiting what happened.

“I think this whole campaign against statues is really an attempt to establish a secular original sin,” Schlichter said. “In that way they delegitimize everybody else…and of course who is left to come along and somehow redeem us and make us sufficiently woke? It’s the left. So I think it’s a power game.”

Carlson agreed with Schlichter’s analysis noting that it is always a power game with the political left.

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“[People] forget that because people are thrown back on their heels by the force of the moralizing and they forget that the person doing the screaming really has one intention and that’s to seize unearned power,” Carlson said.


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