FORGETFUL PELOSI: Democrats Have ‘Won Every Fight’ Against Republicans (VIDEO)

Forgetful Nancy Pelosi, who can’t even remember who the President of the United States is, now thinks that Democrats have won every fight against Republicans.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Wednesday that Democrats have “won every fight” against Republicans, conveniently  leaving out that Democrats have lost every special election to Republicans this year.

“The Republican Party is in such disarray right now, crisis after crisis; nonetheless the Democratic Party does not not seem to have been able to capitalize on the problems facing your other party,” KRON reporter Pam Moore said during the exclusive interview.

Pelosi was taken aback by Moore’s suggestion that Democrats haven’t “capitalized” and asked her what she meant before responding to her question.

“We have beaten them in appropriations,” Pelosi said. “We’ve won every fight. The president’s numbers are in the high 30s, which is for a new president remarkable to be so low. He is making his own case. The American people see for themselves that he does not share their values and that he does not—some who may have voted for him are now rethinking and others are just digging in their heels.”

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Watch the video:

She never mentions all the special elections the Democrats lost this year.

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Nor does she mention the West Virginia Governor who switched parties!

Let’s hope the Democrats keep Pelosi “winning” forever!


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