As World Watches Afghanistan In Horror, Biden Gives Speech On COVID, Again Refuses To Take Questions

Joe Biden gave a speech on TV on Wednesday afternoon. People were expecting to hear him talk about the situation in Afghanistan.

Instead, Biden talked about COVID for 15 minutes, and even launched into attacks on Republican governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

And then, Biden turned his back on the press, for the second time this week, and refused to take any questions.

It was stunning.

Townhall has details:

Joe Biden Goes COVID Authoritarian As Americans Languish Behind Taliban Lines

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As Americans languish behind enemy lines in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, President Biden addressed the nation on his administration’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus and push to mandate vaccination among additional groups before ignoring reporters’ questions for the second time this week…

Time he could have used to make clear any sort of commitment to bring every single American home from Afghanistan. Time that could have been used to communicate to the Taliban that any attempt to harm Americans would be met with devastating force.

Instead, Biden used his time to attack U.S. governors asserting their ability under our federalist system to decide what mandates exist for their citizens.

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“Let me say a few words about masks and our children,” the President said. “Unfortunately, as we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures — that is children wearing masks in school — into political disputes for their own political gain,” Biden alleged. “Some are even trying to take power away from local educators by banning masks in school,” adding “they’re setting a dangerous tone.”

This was an absolute disgrace.

And he turned his back again.

This is not leadership. Not even close. The Democrats should be ashamed.


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