At First Press Event In Weeks, Joe Biden Admits He Was Given A List Of Reporters To Call On (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has been hidden away in his basement for weeks, basically avoiding the press.

This week, he finally spoke to reporters but said the quiet part out loud.

He actually told them he was given a list of people to call on for questions. Oops.

Howie Carr writes at the Boston Herald:

Biden has surged ahead in spite of the fact that according to two other recent polls, somewhere between 38 and 55% of the population has already concluded that Creepy Joe is in some stage of dementia — or as somebody put it Tuesday, Biden’s putting the “dem” back in dementia.

This inconvenient truth is why Joe’s handlers, or keepers, made sure that media availability was restricted Tuesday. He had a list of reporters to call upon, crack scribes who the campaign had apparently decided could be relied upon to do the right thing.

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“They gave me a list who to recognize,” he babbled.

“Is Alex AP out there?” he began. Not Alex from the Associated Press, but “Alex AP,” because that’s what it said on his note card.

“I was told NBC Mike.”

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Since he was in his official home state of Delaware, Biden of course had to take a question from his local daily newspaper. Only one problem: he couldn’t remember the name of the sheet.

“Where’s the uh, where’s the Wilmington, uh Delaware State News, I mean Delaware News Journal I should say.”

Watch the video:


Of course, the reporters gave Joe a pass on some very important questions.

Our media is as sad as old Joe.


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