At Pathetic Trump Protest In New York, Alec Baldwin Improvises “Pee” Jokes As Trump (VIDEO)

With Trump about to be inaugurated, Liberals don’t know what to do with themselves. 

Tonight in New York City, Liberals put some “celebrities” on the stage. But apparently, nobody bothered to write things for them to say.

Which meant Alec Baldwin, whose greatest fame is as a Trump impersonator, had to improvise.

And it was spectacularly lame. 

All Alec Baldwin could do was “pee” jokes and a reference to the Russian Consulate.

Watch (via ITV News):

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The Hill reported: 

“Documentary director Michael Moore held a massive protest Thursday night outside Trump’s New York City International Hotel featuring speeches from public figures including actors Robert De Niro and Mark Ruffalo.

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The protest started at 6 p.m. with De Niro poking fun at Trump by reading imagined tweets from the president-elect. It was followed by speeches from Moore, Alec Baldwin, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, Ruffalo and the Rev. Al Sharpton, and others.

Moore started off saying it is a ‘very dangerous’ time in the United States, calling Trump a ‘sociopath.’

‘With a lot of work on our part, we will stop this man,’ Moore said. ‘He will not last four years.'”

If these “celebrities” are the best Liberals can do, Trump is going to keep winning.

It’s gonna be a great eight years!!


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