Attorney General Barr Warns Far Left Rioters That Federal Authorities Will Prosecute Offenders (VIDEO)

On Saturday, riots continued in several American cities.

Far left agitators are setting fires, smashing windows and causing destruction.

Attorney General William Barr gave a statement, warning these people that they could be prosecuted.

Politico reports:

Barr threatens to bust ‘far-left extremist groups’ in Floyd unrest

Attorney General William Barr announced Saturday that he won’t wince at prosecuting protesters who cross state lines to participate in violent rioting as protests and unrest unfold across the U.S. over the death of George Floyd.

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Barr said that while it’s up to state and local leadership to halt the violence, the Department of Justice would support their efforts and take “all action necessary” to enforce federal law that prohibits crossing state lines to participate in or incite violent rioting.

“We must have law and order on our streets and in our communities,” the attorney general said.

Barr went on to blame the violent incidents in Minneapolis and other cities on “far-left extremist groups,” wording that echoes comments made earlier in the day by President Donald Trump in which he suggested the chaos was caused by “ANTIFA and the Radical Left” in a series of tweets.

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“Unfortunately, with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protests are being hijacked by violent radical elements,” Barr said. “In many places it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by far left extremist groups and anarchic groups using Antifa-like tactics.”

See the video below:

Here’s hoping he follows through.

So much has already been destroyed.


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