Attorney General Loretta Lynch Offers Deceptive Take on Orlando Terrorist (VIDEO)

Loretta Lynch AL

Democrats have been desperately trying to spin the narrative about Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen since the story broke and Attorney General Loretta Lynch is no exception.

Law Newz reports:

AG Lynch Displays Deceptive Behavior In Response to Questions About Orlando Shooter

When U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made her appearance this week on Fox News Sunday, she was asked about the government’s decision to put Orlando nightclub killer Omar Mateen on a terrorist watch list in 2013, only to remove him from the list the following year. The deceptive behavior exhibited in her response has led us to conclude that despite her assurances to the contrary, Lynch sees this matter as one that needs to be held as close to the vest as possible.

Host Chris Wallace prefaced his question about the matter by saying, “I know that you are going to Orlando yourself on Tuesday, and that tomorrow the government will release transcripts of all contacts between the FBI and Mateen when he was on the terror watch list.” Then he got to the point, asking, “[Is there] any sense at this point that the government made a mistake when it first put him on, and then took him off, the terror watch list?”

Lynch initially responded by parroting Wallace’s preface, restating his comment that she was going to Orlando on Tuesday, as a likely means of buying time to formulate a response.

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“I’ll be meeting with the team on the ground,” she said, “as well as the victims and first responders, and meeting with this brave community, this LGBT community, the Latino community that was targeted in this terrible act of hate and terror.”

This response was striking for its evasiveness—rather than respond to the question, Lynch engaged in persuasion behavior by lauding the bravery of the community, likely as a means of currying favor with the public and staving off criticism.

Lynch continued her evasive strategy by failing to address Wallace’s reference to releasing transcripts of all contact between the FBI and Mateen when he was on the watch list. Rather than respond to that issue, she redirected the focus to transcripts of phone contact between Mateen and law enforcement authorities on the night of the massacre.

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Watch the video from FOX News:

Democrats don’t want to discuss [omitted] because [omitted] makes them look bad.

They’re essentially putting political power over national security.


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