Attorney General William Barr Blasts Progressives And Media In Speech (VIDEO)

Attorney General William Barr gave a speech this week at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this week.

He offered some very sharp criticism of progressives and the media.

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR: While many factors have contributed to the polarized politics of today, I think one significant reason our politics has become so intense and so ill-tempered is that some in the so-called “progressive” movement have broken away from the fold of liberal democracy to pursue a society more in line with the thinking of Rousseau than that of our nation’s Founders.

That has played a major role in our politics becoming less like a disagreement within a family, and more like a blood feud between two different clans.

Over the past few decades, those further to the left have increasingly identified themselves as “progressives” rather than “liberals.” And some of these self-proclaimed “progressives” have become increasingly militant and totalitarian in their style.

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While they seek power through the democratic process, their policy agenda has become more aggressively collectivist, socialist, and explicitly revolutionary.

The crux of the progressive program is to use the public purse to provide ever-increasing benefits to the public and to, thereby, build a permanent constituency of supporters who are also dependents. They want able-bodied citizens to become more dependent, subject to greater control, and increasingly supportive of dependency.

The tacit goal of this project is to convert all of us into 25 year-olds living in the government’s basement, focusing our energies on obtaining a larger allowance rather than getting a job and moving out.

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The video is below. Skip to the 11:57 mark or just watch the whole thing:

This is why the left has placed a target on Barr’s back.

He is a genuine conservative and they can’t stand it.


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