AWESOME: Trump Now Has Lead Over Hillary in NEW HAMPSHIRE

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Granted, it’s a small lead but every little bit helps, right? Trump has to win as many states as possible to close the deal and win the presidency. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Inside Sources reports:

Trump Has Slight Advantage in Granite State

With just over a week to go until Election Day, a new InsideSources-NH Journal Poll shows the presidential, U.S. Senate, and gubernatorial races in New Hampshire have Republicans slightly leading, but each race is in a statistical dead heat. All eyes will be on the Granite State next Tuesday as it will be one of the first critical swing states to have polls close and report results that could end any suspense over who will win the presidential race and determine which party will control the U.S. Senate.

In the poll conducted October 26-28, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a 1.7 point advantage over former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, with 42.9 percent favoring her versus 44.6 percent for her Republican opponent in a five-way race. Among the third-party candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson received 4.4 percent support, Green presidential hopeful Jill Stein was at 1.8 percent, and independent Evan McMullin was at 0.9 percent. The poll found 2.1 percent support for other candidates, and 3.5 percent are undecided.

In a two-way presidential race, Trump leads Clinton 47.1 percent to 45.5 percent, with 7.4 percent unsure, suggesting both candidates lose support to minor party candidates.

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It’s looking good for Trump, folks.

If he can keep the momentum going, he can win!


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