AWFUL! The View’s Joy Behar CALLS BILL’S VICTIMS TERRIBLE NAME – Liberal Audience Laughs

The victims of Bill Clinton appeared with Donald Trump before the debate last night. And they sat in the audience not far from Bill.

Here was Bill during the debate:


When The View discussed it, Joy Behar had terrible advice for Hillary. 

Joy said Hillary should call them “tramps.”


From the video, here’s the transcript:

Sunny Hostin: That’s why, when he brought up these allegations, I wonder if she missed the opportunity to address it in a way the public would understand – that that’s just not how you behave. 

Joy Behar: [Imitating Hillary] I would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband. 

[Audience laughter]

Calling someone a “tramp” because they’re a victim?

What happened to believing the victims? What happened to supporting them? What happened to investigating these crimes and punishing the perpetrators?

What happened to Liberals?

H/T Paul Joseph Watson

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