BACKFIRE: Hillary ‘Attack Ad’ On Trump’s Immigration Plan Ends Up Being Pro-Trump (VIDEO)

Hillary attack ad

While GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared like a true diplomat during his trip to meet with the Mexican heads of state, Hillary Clinton was busy….. tweeting.

Clinton released what was supposed to be an attack ad on Trump, but she actually just quoted his policy positions on immigration that are very popular with the American public.

Check out the ad that totally backfired:

The only problem? Trump’s immigration plan is one of his most popular policy positions he has displayed in the 2016 race for the White House.

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Newsmax reports:

When asked “Do you favor or oppose” a temporary ban on immigration from “the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism,” voters responded:

  • In favor: 59 percent;
  • Oppose: 32 percent;
  • Not sure: 19 percent.

When asked about “implementing a screening test” for those trying to enter the country:

  • In favor: 73 percent;
  • Oppose: 18 percent;
  • Not sure: 9 percent.

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And when asked how likely they think a test is to reduce the number of terrorists entering the country:

  • Very likely: 27 percent;
  • Somewhat likely: 34 percent;
  • Not very likely: 24 percent;
  • Not at all likely: 10 percent;
  • Not sure: 6 percent

Nice try Hillary!


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