BAM! Paula Jones Takes Down Reporter Smearing Trump: Why Don’t You Ask Bill Clinton That? (VIDEO)


Last night before the debate, Trump made an appearance with several of the women who have alleged rape and sexual harassment from Bill Clinton.

At one point, a reporter tried to ask an obviously unfair question about Trump and Paula Jones, a former state employee of Arkansas took the reporter down handily.

Here’s how it went, via the New York Times:

On Sunday, Ms. Jones responded angrily to a reporter who asked Mr. Trump if his star power entitled him to grope women without their consent. “Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton that?” she said. “Why don’t you go ask Bill Clinton that? Why don’t you ask Hillary as well?”

Watch the video:

The mainstream media is going to find themselves outgunned on this issue.

They gave the Clintons a pass for years.

No more.

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