BARF ALERT! Saturday Night Live Does Pathetic Musical Tribute To Obama (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live might as well change their name to Democrat Night Live because that’s what it really is.

It would be almost acceptable if they were still funny.

But they’re not. They’re just sad.

The singing is so bad in this video that you might think it’s intended to be satire, but it’s not. They’re actually serious.

The Hill reported:

SNL honors Obama with emotional musical tribute

“Saturday Night Live” honored former President Barack Obama’s legacy with a musical tribute during its first show after President Trump’s inauguration.

SNL cast members sang Sidney Poitier’s “To Sir, With Love” with a large portrait of Obama behind them.

The SNL cast members also presented a “World’s Greatest President” mug for Obama at the end of their performance.

The move to honor Obama with a song echoes the show’s decision to have a cast member portraying Hillary Clinton sing an emotional “Hallelujah” just after the Democratic nominee’s surprise defeat to Trump in the 2016 election in November.

Here’s the video. Be warned, this is truly pathetic:

Remember the last time Saturday Night Live did a heartfelt musical tribute to a Republican president?

Neither do we.

Liberalism is like a cult and Obama is the dear leader.

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