BEAUTIFUL! Military Family Injured in Brussels Attack Gets A NEW HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (VIDEO)

Members of the Martinez family were injured in the Brussels terror attack. The family’s mother was killed. But now they have a new home. It doesn’t make up for their loss but it’s a help.

CNN has more on their story:

On March 22, 2016, the Martinez family was at the airport in Brussels. Air Force Lt. Col. Melchizedek “Kato” Martinez was just back from Afghanistan. He, along with this wife and their four children, were going on a much-needed vacation.

Kato was walking back toward the check-in line where Gail and the children were standing with the luggage when it happened: ISIS suicide attackers detonated two suitcase bombs.

Thirty-five people were killed and 300 wounded. Like so many others’, the Martinezes’ lives were devastatingly altered in the space of seconds.

The Martinez family wants the world to know what ISIS took from them that day, and talked exclusively to CNN to share their experience.

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Gail Martinez — Kato’s wife — was killed. Their four children suffered serious burns, shrapnel and broken bones in the blast. Now Kato, clearly very much still grieving, is raising all of the kids on his own.

Sean Hannity of FOX recently told the story of their new home. Watch:

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How wonderful!

This family deserves a little comfort after what they went through.


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