Ben Carson On Media Attacks: “A BUNCH OF CRAP . . . People Have To SEE THROUGH THIS” (VIDEO)

Dr. Ben Carson has a message for any Conservatives upset by the latest media attacks on Trump.

He’s upset with the media and the situation they’ve created. When so many issues at stake, “People have to see through this.”

People have to see past the media attacks. There’s too much at stake for our children.

Watch, via Fox & Friends:

From the video:

“There’s an atmosphere that’s being created by the New York Times and others that says, ‘Look, if you’re willing to come out and say anything, we’ll give you fame, we’ll give you whatever you need.’ What a bunch of crap. But the people have to see through this because the train is going off the track. Our country is going off the cliff financially and in so many other ways. If we don’t deal with this stuff now, our children are completely going to be disadvantaged.”

He’s right.

All these media attacks have a purpose: To separate Conservatives from Trump.

Don’t let them!

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